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September 11, 2015

Terror Behind the Walls is back to scare your socks off

Cheapest tickets available weekend before papal visit

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Terror Behind the Walls M. Edlow/Visit Philadelphia™

Terror Behind the Walls lives in the ultra-spooky Eastern State Penitentiary.

Things are about to get spooky in Philadelphia. Terror Behind the Walls, the quintessential Halloween scare-a-thon held each year at Eastern State Penitentiary, officially opens for business Friday, September 18 and Saturday, September 19. 

After this inaugural weekend, however, prices rise and the schedule is delayed until after the pope leaves town. It returns Friday, October 2 through Sunday, October 4 and then is open more and more as we get closer to Halloween, ending Sunday, November 1, with prices rising closer to the holiday.

The next weekend, November 6 and 7, it pops up again for the "REMIX: Lights Out" edition, where everything is held in complete darkness and all you get is a glow stick to lead the way. 

This year, expect the massive prison to be turned into six different crazy attractions: Infirmary, Machine Shop, Break Out, Detritus, Quarantine and Lock Down. Each one features its own creepy theme complete with actors ready to scare your socks off at every turn. Book your trip now before the prices get scary, too.

Terror Behind the Walls

Friday, September 18 through Saturday, November 7
Hours vary  | $13-39 ($19-45 at the door)
Eastern State Penitentiary
22nd and Fairmount
(215) 236-3300