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October 26, 2016

These are the best cheesesteaks outside Philly, according to Food Network

Cheesesteaks Food Network
San Francisco Cheesesteak Jake's Steaks/Facebook

A cheesesteak from Jake's Steaks in San Francisco.

A Food Network listicle that couldn't even get the name of our city right claims to give the nine best cheesesteaks served outside "Philadephia."

The list from food writer Amy Sherman was published earlier in October and includes steak sandwiches from across the country. Most of the places on the list are from the West Coast, with the exception of eateries in Baltimore, Buffalo and a place in Pittsburgh that will not be named because it cheated its way to best cheesesteak in Pennsylvania.

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You can read descriptions of each spot included by Sherman here, but here are the restaurants and their locations in case you're planning on embarking on a culinary road trip:

Jim's SteakOut — Buffalo

Buddy V's Ristorante — Las Vegas

Figueroa Philly — Los Angeles

Ravage Deli — Baltimore

The Groove Cheesesteak — Pittsburgh Dirty Stinking Cheaters

Alex's Brown Bag — San Diego

Carousel Restaurant & Bistro — Yakima, Washington

The Hollywood Tavern — Woodinville, Washington

Jake's Steaks — San Francisco