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November 06, 2017

Top 10 Carson Wentz highlights in 2017 (so far), in gifs

With the Philadelphia Eagles sitting at 8-1, and heading into their bye week, now feels like an appropriate time to show Carson Wentz's top 10 plays of the season so far. We'll count down from 10 to 1.

10) Giants LB whiffs on tackle attempt

On a third and long, Wentz posterizes a Giants LB (#59), then extends what would eventually be a TD drive

9) Setting up Jake Elliott's 61-yard field goal

Jake Elliott's game winning 61-yard field will be remembered for decades, but that kick never happens if Wentz doesn't make a strong sideline throw to Alshon Jeffery to give Elliott a fighting chance.

8) Huge 3rd and 16 pickup

Clinging to a five-point lead late in the third quarter against Carolina, the Eagles faced a 3rd and 16. Seeing a blitz come from the right side, Wentz stepped up in the pocket and got hit while delivering a pass on the move over the middle to Mack Hollins. This was a another clutch throw in a down and distance the Eagles had little business converting.

On the very next play, smelling blood, Wentz hit a streaking Jeffery down the sideline. Two plays later, he hit Nelson Agholor over the middle for a touchdown. Really this entire drive showed a lot about Wentz. He went from facing a 3rd and 16 to putting seven points on the board.

7) The casual flip to Jeffery

On a run-pass option, Wentz has Von Miller running at him, and casually just flips a pillow-soft touch pass over the head of Aqib Talib and into the hands of Jeffery.

6) The Romo spin

The Redskins send seven on a blitz, which Wentz spins away from, calmly directs Zach Ertz to head upfield, then hits him in stride on the run.

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5) The dime to Mack Hollins

This pass travels more than 60 yards in the air (#AirYards!), after Wentz got drilled on the previous play. It is absolutely on the money.

4) The Houdini

He was sacked, but nope, he wasn't.

3) The moon ball to Nelson Agholor

Wentz makes this look effortless, but he makes a subtle step up in the pocket, and throws an accurate moon ball down the field to Agholor, who does the rest after the catch.

2) The Donovan McNabb imitation

Way back in the day, Donovan McNabb did this:

That's probably the most impressive highlight from McNabb's career.

Week 1 against the Redskins, Wentz had his own version of that play on the opening drive of the game:

1) The amazing throw to Clement while going to the ground

I mean...

Carson Wentz is kinda good at football.

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