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July 19, 2018

'Vikings: Beyond the Legend' opening at the Franklin Institute

Exhibit will include 600 artifacts and a replica of the Viking warship Roskilde 6

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Vikings: Beyond the Legend at Franklin Institute Photo by Museums Partner GmbH/Franklin Institute

"Vikings: Beyond the Legend" is an interactive exhibition that explores the people, traditions, and influence of the legendary Viking Age.

This fall, "Vikings: Beyond the Legend" will open at the Franklin Institute. 

The interactive exhibit will include 600 artifacts never before displayed in North America and two reconstructed ships, as well as augmented reality experiences.

Visitors will learn how the people, traditions and influence of the legendary Viking Age made a significant impact on the modern world.

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The exhibit is designed to go beyond legends to convey the true story of the voyagers who set sail from Scandinavia centuries ago.

Below are some of the most exciting elements in "Vikings."

• 600 archaeological finds on loan from the National Museum of Denmark

• A reconstruction of the Viking warship Roskilde 6 using 25-percent of the original, preserved planks, which are fitted into a steel frame designed to recreate the ship's full length and form

• 21-foot replica ship, Joanna, meticulously reconstructed by skilled curators using the same shipbuilding techniques and materials used in the Viking Age

• A full-scale replica of the Jelling Rune Stone

• An opportunity to pick up a precise replica of a Viking Age sword to feel its weight and balance

• An augmented reality rowing experience where visitors use a physical replica oar

"The Vikings have captivated imaginations all across the world and conquered popular culture. Their impact on transportation, navigation, politics, warfare, language and the map over the course of history was enormous," said Larry Dubinski, President and CEO of the Franklin Institute.

The exhibit will debut Saturday, Oct. 13, and will be open through early March 2019. Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, July 31.

"Vikings: Beyond the Legend"

Opening Saturday, Oct. 13
$15-$35 per person
Franklin Institute
222 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103

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