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June 16, 2016

WATCH: Phillies fan makes impressive one-handed catch while holding daughter with other arm

When sitting in foul territory at Citizens Bank Park, you can get booed at any moment for dropping what Phillies fans consider to be a catchable foul ball. Some Phils fans consider almost any ball that enters the stands to be catchable, no matter how hard it was hit or crazy the spin was.

Enter Brian Kucharik from Boothwyn. Not only did he have his daughter in his lap and left arm, but he also was holding some food. No matter. He snared Kevin Pillar’s sharply hit foul ball down the right field line with his right hand... and then deservedly got a nice round of applause from the fans around him.

Kucharik hardly moved out of his seat, which is impressive because he didn't put his daughter in harm’s way to make the grab:

The Phillies are currently losing 8-0 to the Blue Jays, so this will likely have to suffice for the night if you’re looking for any Phils highlights.

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