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April 19, 2017

Way back when, Darren Daulton threatened to rip Mitch Williams' arm off

Despite Joe Carter and the Blue Jays depriving them of a World Series, the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies will always go down as one of the most beloved teams in the city's history. That is partially why it has been cool to see John Kruk, the first baseman for that team, come back to the organization in the broadcast booth after a long stint at ESPN. Well, that and the fact that Kruk is pretty darn good at the whole announcing thing.

In addition to his duties as a broadcaster, Kruk has joined the rest of the world in starting a podcast. In the debut episode of the "Krukcast," he told a story about Darren Daulton giving Mitch Williams some, uh, tough love:

"There was an incident, it's been documented, with Mitch Williams our closer," Kruk began. "Terry Mulholland pitched the gem of a complete game, which Terry had a knack to do. When he started it, he wanted to finish it. Mitch came in and he was upset. He yelled at Jimmy Fregosi for not bringing him in, 'If I'm your closer you gotta put me in that game.' Darren took Mitch to the back room and said, 'Look, that's not what we're about and if that ever happens again I'll rip your arm off and you'll never pitch again.'"

Hopefully Kruk can welcome Daulton onto his podcast to discuss Dutch's out-of-body experiences, fight against cancer (only if he wanted to talk about that), and of course, more '93 Phils hijinks.

Back to the threat of arm ripping, Williams did have a chance to close out two World Series games that Mulholland started. He was successful in Game 2, and well, you know what happened in Game 6.

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