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October 24, 2016

Wayne Simmonds isn’t making too many friends in Montreal

The Flyers are trying to get two points in Montreal tonight against the quick-starting Canadiens, and Wayne Simmonds is already angering the French Canadian faithful. It all started in the first period when Simmonds was whistled for a hold on Torrey Mitchell, a hold he wasn’t all that thrilled about:

Fresh out of the box, Simmonds delivered a cross check to the back of Andrei Markov that wasn’t whistled, which incensed the Bell Centre crowd. Markov could have been hurt on the play:

After the next stoppage, Simmonds was still jawing with the referee when an opposing player, apparently Habs captain Max Pacioretty, said something to him. Simmonds responded with some words, which, um, we’ll let you lip read:

If you’ll recall, P.K. Subban once warned Pacioretty about fighting Simmonds. With Subban now in Nashville, we’ll see if Pacioretty remembers his advice:

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