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October 27, 2019

Week 8 non-Eagles Sunday rooting guide

Each week this season we have laid out a rooting guide for non-Eagles games on the NFL schedule, based on the premise that the Birds are Super Bowl contenders.

If they keep losing games, the focus of these posts might shift from making the playoffs to getting the best possible draft position. Just FYI, if the season ended before today's slate of games, the Eagles would be picking 14th.

• Seahawks at Falcons: The Seahawks are obviously solid playoff contenders with a leg up on a wildcard spot, and the Falcons are ahead of the Eagles for draft positioning.

Chargers at Bears: Again, the Bears are wildcard contenders, and if the Eagles' season continues to go downhill, the Chargers are a team they can pass in the draft order.

• Bengals at Rams: Again again, the Rams are another wildcard contender.

Giants at Lions: The Giants aren't going anywhere this year. You can go ahead and root for them to mess up their draft positioning. Also, while the Lions have already become sellers at the trade deadline, they're still not that far out of wildcard contention.

Cardinals at Saints: If the Saints keep winning, Sean Payton will be happy, and nobody wants to see that. Also, the Cardinals are behind the Eagles in the draft order right now, lol. Who would have thought that after Week 7? If Philly continues to be bad, it's better if the Cardinals continue to have the better record.

• Panthers at 49ers: The Niners remain undefeated, with a 1.5-game lead in the NFC West. Maybe it's just better if they go ahead and run away with that division. Meanwhile, the Panthers, like many of the teams noted above, and wildcard contenders. 

• Packers at Chiefs: It's better if the AFC team wins. If some unlikely scenario plays out in which the Eagles ended up having the same record as the Packers at the end of the season, they have the head-to-head advantage.

Doesn't really matter to the Eagles who wins:

  1. Buccaneers at Titans
  2. Broncos at Colts
  3. Jets at Jaguars
  4. Browns at Patri*ts
  5. Raiders at Texans

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