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October 20, 2017

What are the best flags to fly outside your home?

Seeking suggestions for replacements now that the Cubs lost

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Flags Brian Hickey/PhillyVoice

Now that the Chicago Cubs can't win another game until Spring Training 2018, it's time to replace the 'W' flag.

Let’s talk about flags, specifically those you fly outside your home.

It is an important topic today considering the Chicago Cubs’ quest for back-to-back World Series titles came to an inglorious end.

Yeah, yeah, I know: There aren’t a lot of Cubs fans in the Philly area. But I’m one. And now that the season’s over, I have to temporarily retire the “W” flag that’s flown outside our home off and on this summer and early fall.

With a lonely flag pole now hanging off the back deck, I took to Amazon and other online sites to find a proper companion.

Granted, the easy answer for a replacement would be a standard 3-foot by 5-foot American flag, right? I guess. But easy answers aren’t often the best answers.

That’s why I need your help. I found these 10 that are up for consideration, but I’m sure there are others out there that would look just remarkable. Please share your suggestions in the comments or via email.

1. A “Happy Fall Y’all” flag sets a positive tone as we prepare for the clocks to fall back and envelope our lives with sunsets before the 6 o’clock news starts. But fall will become winter. So ...

2. With Christmas coming, a “Christmas Island” flag with a beach-bound Santa Claus and friends would be a cheerful sight.

3. This “All Gave Some, Some Gave All” POW MIA flag is the most American thing I’ve seen since Charlie Kelly sang “Rock Flag and Eagle.”

4. Pink flamingos!

5. I like Key West. Do you? Sure you do. That’s why a Conch Republic flag is always a somewhat-exotic option for a Pennsylvania flag pole

6. Trust the process.

7. With a name like Brian Patrick Hickey, you really can’t go wrong with an Irish flag. Heck. With the U.S. Men’s National Team failing to qualify for the World Cup, this one could garner pole position through next year.

8. When you have a destination wedding, the flag of the land that hosted your 2005 nuptials is an option. Ergo, Bahamas flag!

9. A Cape May County flag could serve as a constant reminder that at the end of the darkness of winter, summer at the shore awaits.

10. If you’re gonna go with an American flag, I’d argue that the Bennington 76 flag (bottom right in the picture above) is the most stylish of options (and it even includes a localized nod to the Trust the Process flag!)

What say you? Send some suggestions my way.