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March 14, 2016

Where to nab the best deal for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' when it's out on video

So, you want to buy "Star Wars."

Let's be honest: Finding the best price for the Blu-ray (or DVD, or digital download) of the movie feels like work. And the Force, sorry to say, won't do diddly squat to help you with this one.

In the name of public service, we've rounded up all the pre-order deals (read: prices less than the MSRP of $39.99) for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens,"available Tuesday, April 5.

Amazon: $19.99 (plus tax)

The cheapest price online (so far), Amazon's even selling the standard-definition version for $14.99. Amazon Prime, obviously, will save you some cash on shipping.

Wal-Mart: $24.96 (plus tax)

Sorry, Wal-Mart shoppers: Though you're still getting a deal on the retail price, a measly three pennies is all you'll save compared to the store's competitors.

FYE: $24.99 (plus tax)

If you're a member, you can pick up the Blu-ray edition for $22.49. To boot, it's probably the most convenient choice for anyone who works in Center City and wants to (for certain) have the movie in their hands on the day of its release.

Target: $24.99 (plus tax)

All right, buckle up for these savings: Purchase of the film comes with a $5 Target gift card, and if you pay using a Target debit or credit card (I know, I know -- hear me out), then you'll knock an additional 5 percent off your purchase, plus receive free shipping. That puts the total cost at $18.75 -- theoretically a better deal than Amazon. $24.99 (plus tax)

Here's why it might make sense to purchase the movie through its birth company, Disney: Every order comes with a free lithograph print exclusively obtained through Disney (if you care about that sort of thing), as well as a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $40 or more. Maybe you have kids who could use the discount for a future Pixar release? You be the judge. 

Best Buy: $24.99 (plus tax)

The Blu-ray-DVD combo pack will cost you $24.99, but the standalone DVD package is just $19.99 for anyone who could care less about pixels per frame or is still rockin' a boob tube. 

Barnes & Noble: $31.99 (plus tax)

Blu-ray costs you the above price, DVD costs you $23.99 and a download will cost you $27.99. No major savings to be had here.

Noticed a price change or a better deal? Leave a comment below and we'll update.