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June 22, 2015

Woman launches GoFundMe to make "relentlessly gay yard" more gay

"Your yard is becoming relentlessly gay!" a note from a homophobic neighbor read. "This is a Christian area and there are children.”

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Baltimore resident Julie Baker has launched a GoFundMe campaign to make her garden more gay after a neighbor left her a note telling her to "tone it down.".

A Baltimore woman’s GoFundMe campaign to make her yard ‘more gay' after a disgruntled neighbor told her to “tone it down,” has garnering more than $43,000 in donations as of Monday.

Julie Baker, a widow and mother of four, explains in her fundraising website that she'd strung a decorative row of rainbow-colored mason jars contained the words love and ohana, which means family, on her property, which apparently upset a neighbor enough to leave an anonymous note threatening to call the police in she didn't “tone it down.”

Relentlessly Gay Yard
Baker opted to act on the letter with "laughter and irreverence and creative stubbornness,"  including launching a fundraiser to make her yard even more gay, possibly with a new rainbow roof.

Since last week, the GoFundMe site has been shared over 19,000 times and donations and support continues to trickle in.

Baker wrote,

 "I have never had the ability to conform to the expectations of the world, for many personal reasons I have chosen to embrace life through giving and loving for the sake of giving and loving. Its all that I know and what keeps my soul together. So when I am told, that the simple joys that hold me together are supposed to be buried away because somehow, someone chooses to be offended by it is in my nature to fight back in the only way how - with laughter and irreverence and creative stubbornness."

To view and donate to Baker's GoFundMe campaign, click here.