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May 27, 2015

Six distinctive Philly eats and where to find them

Philly's diverse and delicious restaurant scene

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05152015_FedDonuts Federal Donuts/Facebook

Spicy chili-garlic fried chicken and a doughnut from Federal Donuts

Cities are often defined by their iconic dishes. Philadelphia is no different.

While the first food that comes to mind is most likely the cheesesteak, there is so much more the city has to offer.

Philly has a diverse - and delicious - restaurant scene that offers food lovers an array of eats to choose from. Below are six distinctive Philly eats and where to find them.


A cheesesteak from Pat's King of Steaks (MATT ROURKE/AP)

OK, so this is the obvious one. But with good reason. I mean really, CHEESE. STEAK. YUM.

Geno's and Pat's are the two best-known spots to grab a cheesesteak. They are often the main choices for tourists.

Of course, there are places all around Philly to pick one up - onions with (wit) or without (wit-out).

Roast Pork Sandwich

Roast pork with spinach and sharp provolone at DiNic's (ELLIS PHILLY/FACEBOOK)

There are several places around Philly to get roast pork. 

DiNic's Reading Terminal Market sandwich counter is celebrated for its roast pork. TV food host Adam Richman toured the country sampling sandwiches and declared DiNic's roast pork sandwich, often served with broccoli rabe and extra-sharp provolone, as the best in the nation

John's Roast Pork uses spinach in place of the broccoli rabe. The spot is also known for its cheesesteaks, so eat your heart out.

You could also try Paesano's and George's, both conveniently located in the Italian Market.

Ice Cream Soda

Raspberry soda at Franklin Fountain (made with local raspberries from Greensgrow Farms). (FRANKLIN FOUNTAIN/FACEBOOK)

The ice cream soda was invented in Philadelphia in 1874.

Franklin Fountain on Market Street offers a choice of 25 soda flavors. Enjoy a root beer float or try a "Ladies Choice," made with rasberry soda, peach ice cream and sweet cream.

Percy Street Barbecue makes theirs with Yard's root beer, and it can be ordered spiked. You could also head to Reading Terminal to try one from Bassett's.

Glazed Fried Chicken & Donuts

Spicy chili-garlic fried chicken and a donut from Federal Donuts (FEDERAL DONUTS/FACEBOOK)

Ah, Federal Donuts. So much deep-fried deliciousness. Foodies can enjoy a variety of traditional and fancy donut flavors, as well as fried chicken in their choice dry seasoning, glaze or naked.

And don't forget, Federal Donuts delivers now!


Franollis at Frangelli's Bakery (FRANGELLI'S BAKERY/FACEBOOK)

Frangelli’s Bakery is home to the "franolli," or donut cannoli. This delicious creation combines a fresh donut shell with Frangelli's special cannoli cream and tiny chocolate chips.

The bakery also sells ice cream donuts. I know so much goodness.


Pho Cali serves many types of Pho as well as this dish of rice vermicelli with grilled shrimp. (THOM CARROLL/PHILLYVOICE)

Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup, has become a Philly staple, with Washington Avenue in South Philly as home to a number of restaurants serving the dish.

It is usually made with broth, noodles, veggies, spices and meat (usually chicken or beef).

V Street, a Rittenhouse-located vegan "street food bar" from former Vedge chefs Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby, even serves a Pho French Dip.

What other eats do you attribute to Philly? Post your favorites in the comments section.