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October 14, 2020

AlChem Life USA and Stevenson Advocacy LLC donate $1.35 million worth of immunity-boosting supplements to frontline workers

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The $1.35 million donation was presented to union leaders at a socially-distanced press conference outside Philadelphia City Hall.

Philadelphia-based manufacturer of high-quality phytonutrients and herbal extracts AlchemLife USA donated $1.35 million worth of immunity-boosting Phytorelief supplements to Philadelphia's municipal union workers who are on the front lines of the city's battle to halt the spread of COVID-19. The donation was made in partnership with Stevenson Advocacy LLC, a Philadelphia-based business development, government affairs and international relations consulting firm.

The announcement of the donation was made at a socially-distanced press conference outside Philadelphia City Hall attended by AlchemLife USA Vice President Tabitha Albert, Stevenson Advocacy CEO Brian Stevenson, Philadelphia Deputy Mayor for Labor Rich Lazer, Philadelphia FOP Lodge 5 President John McNesby, Firefighters & Paramedics Union Local 22 Vice President Chuck McQuilkin, D.C. 33 President Pete Matthews and D.C. 47 President Catherine Scott. The four union leaders represent more than 27,000 Philadelphia municipal workers.

All city municipal workers come into frequent contact with citizens on a daily basis, putting them at greater risk of exposure to the virus. The immunity-boosting Phytorelief supplements will help these tired municipal workers protect their own depleted immune systems during this worldwide health crisis.

This marks the second major contribution to frontline Philadelphia workers by AlchemLife USA during the pandemic. In April of this year, the company donated $150,000 worth of immunity-boosting Phytorelief supplements to the doctors, nurses and hospital staff of the Jefferson Health System.

"AlchemLife USA has the philanthropic heart and manufacturing capacity to make this much-needed contribution to Philadelphia's hardworking municipal workers," said AlchemLife USA Vice President Tabitha Albert. "We're proud to be able to make this humanitarian contribution in coordination with Stevenson Advocacy, a trusted business partner in Philadelphia, for the benefit of the city's municipal workers who are working so hard to keep citizens safe during these challenging times."

Stevenson Advocacy CEO Brian Stevenson, who brokered the in-kind donation to the city, added "I have many friends in the city's vast network of municipal unions - police, firefighters, blue collar workers and white collar workers. I know that these men and women are working around the clock during the pandemic. I also know how much they will appreciate receiving this donation of a wonderful, 100% organic, immunity-boosting supplement right now, when they need it most."

AlchemLife USA's patented PhytoAdvance Technology, a precise method of extracting active plant phytonutrients to provide natural, beneficial health support, is what allows PhytoRelief-CC Herbal supplements to aid in normal, healthy immune function. Recent studies indicate that using the Phytorelief-CC, a patented combination of ginger, turmeric and pomegranate, have shown a significant boost in the Lysozyme count, which could conceivably enhance one's immunity system four-fold. The saliva in one's mouth serves as the first line of defense that protects the body against viral and bacterial infections. Human saliva contains Lysozymes which are immunity building enzymes that aid in the fight against infections.