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March 30, 2015

Amazon launches Home Services to connect customers with local pros

E-Commerce giant Amazon announced Monday the launch of a new division, Home Services, that will enable customers to shop for carefully vetted professionals who can help complete specialized projects. 

With an enormous range of physical goods available through Amazon, the company recognized that many of its customers make purchases that require additional steps, like the installation of a sink or a sound system in a car

Amazon aims to offer a simplified, direct and transparent way to hire trustworthy local professionals at rates that have been ironed out in advance. All of the billing will be run through Amazon, with licensed providers receiving payments only after jobs are completed. Amazon will take a percentage based on the nature of the work. 

According to The Verge, Amazon will offer quality control Home Services by ensuring every business is licensed, insured, and passes a five-point background check (six-point for individual technicians) to be accepted into the network. 

Home Services is now available in 41 states as Amazon hopes to build strong coverage across the 30 biggest metro areas in the United States. While the majority of Amazon's providers will be locally based, the company also plans to integrate with startups and national chains, including TaskRabbit and Pep Boys.