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February 20, 2015

App helps flight attendants report human trafficking

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American Airlines Twitter/for PhillyVoice

A U.S. Airways plane from Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing without its nose gear at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston late Monday night.

A new app allows both flight attendants and the flying public to document and report suspected human trafficking.

Although it is flight attendants who usually come in contact with those who are being trafficked, anyone can download the app, according to Vice.

The free Airline Ambassadors International application allows folks to upload and browse media of suspected trafficking. Officials say they launched the app as a way to count the number of incidents and spread awareness since the Department of Homeland Security doesn't release tip line success rates.

"We need to advocate within the industry," Airline Ambassadors president Nancy Rivard said. "Airlines have the infrastructure; it's just about getting the political will to do this."

Some signs of human trafficking include when an adult accompanying a child doesn't know the child's name or when a group of women who don't speak English seem to be in the thrall of one person.

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