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February 06, 2016

Atlantic City and Philly score two and three on Seven Deadly Sins list

Drinking, adult entertainment and violent crime factor into rankings

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New Orleans, which is heading toward Mardi Gras this weekend, was the top city for sin when the Seven Deadly Sins were considered in a recent study.

But Atlantic City placed number two in the Sin City ranking by Trulia, using a mix of data.

Philly rounded out the top three, while Las Vegas crept into the top 10 at eight.

Categories considered were:

The number of adult entertainment venues for lust; the rates of obesity, drinking and smoking for gluttony; gambling establishments versus charitable donations for greed; the number of residents who have not exercised in 30 days for sloth; violent crime per capita for wrath; the number of beauty salons, tanning salons and plastic surgery offices for pride; and inequality, as measured by home listing prices, stood in for envy.

Looking at individual categories, Atlantic City punched above its weight, coming in first for lust, boosted by its small population.

"Atlantic City has enough adult entertainment establishments to top the national average by a whopping 12.9 times on a per-household basis, making it the most lustful city by far," the study said.

AC’s shrinking casino economy and its stinginess of charitable giving scored a seven in the greed category, well behind the upstart Billings, Montana at 1 in this category.

Philadelphia put up some big numbers, scoring three for vice, two for wrath and three for envy.

Besides Vegas, other towns in the top 10 included Tampa, Fla., Toledo, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., Shreveport, La., San Antonio, Tx., and Columbus, Ohio.