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'Our Community, Our Health' campaign providing free health screenings to Philly's African American residents

Health Screenings IBC

Children's Health

Antibiotic use before age 2 may lead to health issues later in childhood

Antibiotics Asthma Allergies

Adult Health

COVID-19 reveals how obesity harms the body in real time, not just over a lifetime

Obesity COVID-19 risk


Millennial caretakers at greater risk of stress-related conditions, study finds

BCBS caregiving report

Adult Health

Dual surgery boosts heart transplant chances for patients with obesity

Obesity heart transplant eligibility


America’s obesity epidemic threatens effectiveness of any COVID vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Obesity

Adult Health

Obesity reduces blood flow to the brain, increasing risk to Alzheimer's disease

Brain Scans Obesity

Men's Health

Do we need protection from ourselves to live healthy?

COVID-19 government regulations

Adult Health

Underlying medical conditions put half of U.S. adults at risk of severe COVID-19

adults covid 19 risk.jpg

Adult Health

Colorectal cancer risk factors increasing among millennials

colorectal cancer risk factors


Workplace wellness programs have little impact on overall staff health, study finds

Workplace wellness programs

Children's Health

Penn, CHOP researchers receive $1.05 million grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to study childhood obesity

CHOP Chan Zuckerberg

Adult Health

Obesity a strong predictor of severe COVID-19 cases among younger adults

Coronavirus complications and obesity


Obesity increases likelihood of long-term prescription opioid use, researchers find

Obesity linked to long-term opioid prescriptions, according to Boston University researchers

Health News

Penn research signals progress toward future anti-obesity drugs

Obesity Penn Research

Adult Health

Philly's soda tax having little effect on consumption habits, Drexel study finds

Philly Soda Tax Consumption Study Drexel


American obesity rates have grown significantly in the last two decades



Is your city making you fat? How urban planning can address the obesity epidemic

Obesity City Policies

Women's Health

Struggling to eliminate the sweets? Try getting some more sleep

Poor sleep leads to overeating


Use it or lose it: How physical activity strengthens heart health

Heart benefits of aerobic exercise

Children's Health

USDA proposes plan to simplify school lunches — but is it healthy?

USDA simplifies lunch menu unhealthy

Adult Health

Once the 'disease of kings,' gout still afflicts millions of people

Everything you need to know about gout

Health Stories

Jefferson Health patient who lost 150 pounds encourages others to keep their New Year's resolutions

Luis Salazar Weight Loss Jefferson health

Women's Health

Maternal obesity during pregnancy may harm son's motor skills, IQ

Pregnancy Obesity


Nearly half of American adults will be obese by 2030, study says

Adult obesity estimates 2030

Healthy Eating

Here's how to stick to a weight loss plan in the new year

Weight Loss Plan


How to measure your body mass index – and what it means for your health

Obesity Body Mass Index scores

Children's Health

More research shows benefits of bariatric surgery for obese teens with type 2 diabetes

Bariatric diabetes

Children's Health

Bariatric surgery found safe for teens with morbid obesity, Penn research finds

Bariatric surgery

Children's Health

Pennsylvania youth rank among the most obese in the country


High lead levels during pregnancy may increase risk of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity lead exposure

Adult Health

New Jersey has the fifth-lowest rate of adult obesity in the country, study says

New Jersey obesity rate runner


Ergonomics 101: How to avoid fatigue with a desk job

Design Desk Eyewear 08222019

Children's Health

Weight Watchers launches controversial app to help kids lose weight

ww weight loss app kids teens


Are BPA-free plastics and cans as safe as advertised?

bpa free chemicals


Heart transplant doctors could help more people by accepting donations from obese

Heart Surgery 07232019

Adult Health

These states are the most obese in America

Obesity 07192019

Children's Health

Philly rolls out 'I Call the Snacks' campaign targeting sugary foods

Call The Snacks Philly

Health News

Men gain more weight during freshman year than women, study finds

Burger Fries


Coffee proves to be a fat-burning, obesity-fighting beverage in 'pioneering' study

coffee obesity prevention


Alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer — and few women know that

alcohol breast cancer risk

Children's Health

Obesity rates falling among preschool age children

Childhood obesity rates are falling, CDC study finds

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