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January 08, 2015

Best Beard: 5 Philly musicians who have the right scruff

Philly rapper and frequent special guest Freeway has released a line of all-natural beard creams, reports

The cream, made of organic local ingredients including “raw shea butter, raw mango butter, raw beeswax and a mix of natural organic oils,” was concocted by business partner Jason Hertzog. Out since August, the product is available in local barbershops as well as online, in original, blueberry and already sold-out holiday spice scents.

As the tagline (“I Am the Best Beard”) and request for street team help suggest, Best Beards, LLC is pumping the word through inroads into the hip-hop music scene they've made over the years. According to their website:

"We have been linked with the music industry since 1986, and our connection to hip-hop music has allowed us to promote our products through top artists and tours."

So the question beckons: Which Philly hip hop and R&B artists are Best Beard contenders? We take a look at five flow masters whose distinctive facial hair just might fit the bill. 

Chill Moody

The rapper voted Hustler of the Year in 2014 Philly Hip Hop Awards, according to, keeps a neat 'stache and under-the-chin beard that doesn’t look like it needs any extra shine. But for Moody, slated to open for Chris Webby at District N9NE club (formerly known as Starlight Ballroom) at the end of the month, slickness is the name of the game.

Tone Trump 

Like Freeway, Trump's beard stems from Muslim tradition. But religion isn't the only thing uniting the two local stars. Trump recently released the track Ghetto Boy featuring Freeway and Rick Ross. Apparently, great minds attached to great beards think alike.


The up-and-coming R&B artist and host of Phirst Tuesdays jam session, headed by Moody and returning Jan. 6 to Bourbon and Branch, wears braids and short chin scruff. Beano's head-heavy hair steals the show away from his beard, but given his versatility as a performer, he could just as easily use a beard cream to tame his upstairs 'do. Get it, Beano. 

Bliss Creed

As a battle rapper, Creed's deliberate delivery seems to slow down or speed up time. Just as he greases past the peaks and valleys of his battle flow, as seen in a iBattle Worldwide competition last summer, Creed might apply an emollient to put his most polished face forward. Smooth is as smooth does. 

Mont Brown

Leader of hip hop-meets-rock group Astronauts Really Fly, Brown sometimes sports a small, roundish beard. While hair maintenance might not be a priority for the do-gooder, who founded Stop the Violence Kickback Block Party targeting youth in southwest Philly, according to, using an industry-standard ointment can only add visibility to his stellar accomplishments. Shine on, you crazy dreamer.