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April 24, 2015

Calculator shows value of trees on your property

There are many aspects that determine the value of your home. 

One aspect you might not have considered are the trees in your yard. Even if you have, calculating the exact dollar amount can be difficult.

That's where the National Tree Benefit Calculator comes in. All you have to do is enter a small amount of information about your tree and home: the tree species, the diameter of the tree, your ZIP code and the type of home you own.

Then, the calculator gives you a total value of what the tree adds to your property. Not only does it factor in property value, but it also shows how the tree improves the air quality in your lawn and the stormwater drainage it provides.

If you want to reverse the process and plant trees that add the optimum value, but you aren't much of a gardener, check out this easy step-by-step process of how to plant one.

Check out the calculator here.