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February 07, 2015

Campbell's launches organic soup line

Organic Food Soup
Campbell's source/Campbell's

Campbell's organic soup

In an attempt to attract young, health-conscious consumers, Campbell's Soup Co. launched an organic soup line.

The company hopes to tap into recent food trends. Organic soup sales reached $35.1 billion in 2013, the Philadelphia Business Journal reported.

Campbell's has six types of soup to offer — five of which are gluten-free — that are USDA-certified organic.

In spite of recent struggles — after the company removed sodium from soup to satisfy health conscious consumers and it did not — Campbell's aims for a $10 billion annual revenue goal.

The food company has been slowly expanding within the organic market over the past few years with its purchase of two organic companies — Bolthouse Farms in 2012 and Plum Organics in 2013.

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