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March 08, 2018

2 men arrested in Center City sexual assault

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Kenneth Faixmel Archie Swinson Philadelphia Police Department/Contributed Art

Kenneth Faixmel (L) and Archie Swinson.

Philadelphia police have arrested two men in connection with the sexual assault and robbery of a woman early Sunday morning in Center City.

Police first announced on Thursday the arrest of Kenneth Faixmel, a 38-year-old Center City man. Then on Friday, authorities said they had arrested 44-year-old Archie Swinson, also of Center City, who also goes by the name Archie Moore.

Surveillance footage released Tuesday allegedly shows the two men involved in the incident, which investigators said took place on the 400 block of South Watts Street around 5:30 a.m. 

One man is shown allegedly grabbing the woman and pulling her onto Watts Street. Police said he allegedly committed the assault and robbery.  The other man acted as an accomplice, police said at the time they released the video.

Faixmel is charged with aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and related offenses. In addition to rape and aggravated assault, Swinson is charged with strangulation, false imprisonment, sexual assault, indecent exposure and other related offenses. 

Video of the incident can be viewed below.