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October 08, 2015

Don't worry, Chip Kelly, Sylvester Stallone has your back

As the early losses pile up for the Eagles, one legendary Philly underdog still thinks Chip Kelly and his team still have a fighting chance.

TMZ recently caught up with Sylvester Stallone and the "Rocky" star said it's too early to lose faith, especially in their coach.

"Give him time to develop. It's a new time. It's a new era," Stallone says ... "I don't think it's time for Chip's ahoy yet."
There's more ... Sly also says Chip might wanna take Congressman Bob Brady up on his offer and drink from the Pope's water cup. 
"Couldn't hurt." 

If you disagree and think Sly is starting to sound as crazy as his punch-drunk character, don't worry. This is far from the most outrageous thing the 69-year-old actor has said to TMZ about the Birds this year.

In early September, Stallone was in favor of Tim Tebow not only making the roster, but being named the starting quarterback. Just a few days later, after the team decided to part ways with Tebow, Stallone had the following to say to TMZ:

"Everyone freakin' blew it, it's a mistake. He's an underdog, like Rocky."

He then suggested that Tebow head out to Hollywood, but whether that had anything to do with a potential career in acting -- or that there may be an NFL franchise or two in Los Angeles in the near future -- remains a mystery.

It's hard to imagine that the majority of Eagles fans agree with Stallone's most recent statements about their head coach. And after a 1-3 start against four teams that combined to go just 26-38 last season, it's more likely fans would take the Ivan Drago approach. 

"What started out as a joke has turned out to be a disaster..."

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