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March 07, 2018

Comcast is offering free WiFi access during Winter Storm Quinn

Comcast WiFi
Stock_Carroll - Philadelphia Skyline Comcast Liberty  Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Philadelphia's skyline on a foggy December morning.

With Winter Storm Quinn underway, Comcast is offering WiFi hotspot access for those who need or lose power (or have not had their electricity restored from last week’s storm) – regardless of whether you’re an XFINITY customer.

If you’re in need of a hotspot, Comcast advises users to select “xfinitywifi” among the network options from your computer’s WiFi menu.

From there, open a new browser. XFINITY customers can sign into their accounts, and non-customers can log-in through the “Not an XFINITY Subscriber” option. You’ll be able to stay connected through Sunday, March 11, when (hopefully) the storm will have safely passed and everyone’s power will be restored.

Non-customers will have to refresh their free WiFi sessions every two hours.

You can also check out this map of XFINITY hotspots locations to determine your proximity to one.

“Philadelphia is especially well covered,” Comcast spokesperson Jennifer Bilotta said in an email.

If you live near an Xfinity Store, you can also use the store’s power strips, which will be open to the public for those who need to charge their electronics.