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June 29, 2017

For the dairy-sensitive and coffee-hungry, new La Colombe product can help

Iced Latte La Colombe/Instgram

Iced latte at La Colombe.

Philly-headquartered coffee roaster La Colombe has been enlivening the minds and taste buds of many with its airy, spacious coffeehouses; ever-expanding territory (it’s officially available in Seattle this week) and more-than-satisfactory ability to pump energy into the veins of the coffee hungry. 

In 2016, cold brew espresso lovers got an extra dose of on-the-go convenience with the debut of the draft latte, a cold, frothy latte served either straight from a tap or canned and available for bulk buying. Adding to the drink's original iteration, mocha and vanilla draft lattes have since become available.

The problem? Dairy.

The draft latte only used cow’s milk to help procure its foamy perfection, leaving our lactose-intolerant friends in the dust. Earlier this week, however, La Colombe took to Instagram to announce a new product to please those who can’t stomach cow’s milk.

Since launching in 1994, La Colombe has always offered milk alternatives. The first draft lattes to do this will use coconut milk to create coconut draft lattes and coconut mocha draft lattes.

A recent trade magazine profile of La Colombe's president, Todd Carmichael, noted that not only is La Colombe the first coffee roaster to offer a textured coffee product, it's the first to offer one so uniquely packaged.