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November 04, 2015

Delaware gets its own version of Tech Week

Delaware Innovation Week begins Nov. 13

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Philly Tech Week Philly Tech Week/Technically Philly

Philly Tech Week gathers the city's best for a week of events.

Like Philly's popular Philly Tech Week, Delaware is launching its first Delaware Innovation Week on Friday, Nov. 13. Presented by 1313 Innovation, 23 events will span the length of this festival of tech, through Saturday, Nov. 21. The series aims to bring the local tech scene together and show off what the community is capable of.

The programming includes everything from opening and closing ceremonies to "Thy Geekdom Con" and the second-annual Tech2gether conference. Like Philly Tech Week, DIW will have a selection of participation tracks for visitors for those interested in Creative, Civic, Business, Media and Development events. 

The "#Failfest" event will have a series of panelists discussing their biggest failures before they hit their stride. Entrepreneur Boot Camp will have business newbies ready for success and Dev Talks will bring together those working in tech to discuss the solutions and tools they are using every day.

Many of the events will be located in Northern Delaware and DIW says everyone is invited: from startups, entrepreneurs and developers to IT professionals, tech enthusiasts and community advocates.

Delaware Innovation Week

Friday, November 13 through Saturday, November 21
Locations & hours vary