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March 31, 2015

Drexel freshman organizes Philly's first all-women hackathon

Havertown native and Drexel University freshman Andrea Baric organized Philadelphia’s first all-women hackathon for students late last Philly reports.

FemmeHacks was held Feb. 27 to 28 at Drexel’s ExCITe Center, with more than 30 students from Drexel, the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Rutgers University and Bryn Mawr College attending.

"I am incredibly proud to have hosted an event that offered students the space and mentors needed to experiment with and execute project ideas," Baric said in an email to Philly. "I was thrilled to hear from participants who wanted to know if we would do it again this spring, or who were inspired by the FemmeHacks community to keep pursuing CS, or who planned on volunteering at their own hackathons like PennApps after the fact."

First prize went to AnOwlysis, a natural language processing app developed by Penn students that could analyze a piece of writing to determine the person's traits.

The event also included a panel discussion of Philly women in tech.

The software engineering major had already participated in two other hackathons: HackPrinceton and PennApps.

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