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October 20, 2015

After six weeks, the Eagles have one of the best defenses in the NFL

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Billy is pleased.

Do the Eagles have one of the best defenses in the NFL? Yes. Yes they do. I could write a few thousand words of analysis of the topic, and I probably will as the week progresses, but for now, let's just look at what the Eagles have accomplished on defense through the first six weeks of the season, statistically:

Yards per play: 4th in the NFL

Rank Team Yards per play 
 1Broncos 4.3 
 2Jets 4.3 
 3Panthers 4.9 
 4Eagles 5.0 
 5Buccaneers 5.1 

Interceptions - Tied for 3rd in the NFL

Rank Team Interceptions 
 1Cardinals 11 

Forced Fumbles - Tied for 4th in the NFL

 RankTeam Forced fumbles 
 1Giants 13 
 T-2Buccaneers 12 
 T-2Redskins 12 
 T-4Eagles 11 
 T-4Broncos 11 

Fumble recoveries - Tied for 1st in the NFL

 RankTeam Fumble recoveries 
T-1 Eagles 
T-1 Broncos 
T-4 4 teams 

Total turnovers - 2nd in the NFL

 RankTeam Turnovers forced 
 1Broncos 17 
 2Eagles 16 
 3Jets 15 
 4Cardinals 13 
 5Giants 12 

Yards per pass attempt allowed - Tied for 6th in the NFL

 RankTeam YPA 
 1Jets 5.4 
 2Broncos 6.0 
 3Panthers 6.1 
 4Bills 6.4 
 5Cardinals 6.5 
 6Eagles 6.6 

Opposing QB Rating - 6th in the NFL

 RankTeam Opposing QB Rating 
 1Jets 60.9 
 2Panthers 68.8 
 3Broncos 69.6 
 4Cardinals 72.3 
 5Packers 73.4 
 6Eagles 82.2 

Rushing yards per attempt allowed - Tied for 2nd in the NFL

 RankTeam Rushing yards per attempt 
 1Jaguars 3.4 
 T-2Eagles 3.5 
 T-2Jets 3.5 
 T-37 teams 3.6 

Percentage of runs resulting in a first down - 1st in the NFL

 RankTeam % of runs resulting in 1st down 
 1Eagles 14.4% 
 2Ravens 17.7% 
 3Steelers 18.5% 
 4Jets 18.6% 
 5Colts 18.7% 

Points per game allowed - 6th in the NFL

 RankTeam Points per game allowed 
 1Jets 15 
 2Vikings 16.6 
 3Packers 16.8 
 4Broncos 17 
 5Steelers 18 
 6Eagles 18.3 

Points per drive allowed - 3rd* in the NFL

Rank Team Points per drive allowed 
 1Jets 1.02 
 2Broncos 1.17 
 3Eagles 1.37 
 4Panthers 1.52 
 5Packers 1.58 

* (Via FootballOutsiders)

Yards per drive allowed - 5th* in the NFL

 RankTeam Yards per drive allowed 
 1Jets 23.23 
 2Broncos 25.49 
 3Cardinals 27.06 
 4Titans 27.43 
 5Eagles 28.01 

* (Via FootballOutsiders)

In summary...

The Eagles' defense is good.

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