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September 26, 2017

Eagles power ranking roundup after Week 3

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Are power rankings completely dumb and meaningless? Yes. Yes, they are. However, personally speaking, whenever I see them, I click (be sure to read our NFC Hierarchy from this morning!). 

Now that I've sucked you in with promises of many power rankings, you'll read it and like it.

Here's where people around the country have the Birds ranked:

ESPN: 13th

Wentz is coming through when it matters for the Eagles, posting the fourth-best Total QBR in the second half of games so far this season (74). Wentz has games against the Chargers and Cardinals before getting a chance to shine (or flicker) in a pair of prime-time affairs.

#JimmySays: I hadn't really even looked ahead at the schedule, but ESPN is right to note that the Birds face two teams with a combined record of 1-5 the next two weeks. They have to capitalize. 6th

A few observations from the Eagles' thrilling win at the Linc: 

A) Josh Elliott's game-winning 61-yard field goal was the most rousing moment of Upset Weekend. 

B) Sure would like coach Doug Pederson to get LeGarrette Blount (12 carries for 67 yards and a touchdown on Sunday) more involved. 

C) While we're talking about the backfield, what a brutal development for Darren Sproles. A broken arm and torn ACL on the same play? Jeez. The 34-year-old has considered retirement in the past. If this is it, what a career. 

D) More people should notice Carson Wentz's mobility. Vastly underrated aspect of his game. 

E) Not feeling the go-for-it on fourth-and-eight from midfield with the lead. 

F) The secondary is still paper thin. 

G) Sticking by my prediction of Philadelphia being a playoff team.


A) Agree

B) Agree

c) Agree

D) Agree

E) Ugh.

F) Agree

G) I'm not quite there yet, but they're off to a good start.

Yahoo: 10th

Darren Sproles blew his ACL and broke his arm on the same play. If this is the end for Sproles’ career, he’ll go down as one of the most exciting players to ever take an NFL field.

#JimmySays: It probably is. Sproles said he was likely retiring at the end of the season, and even if he changes his mind, he'd be 35 next year coming off an ACL tear. His tenure in Philly will be remembered fondly, obviously.

USA Today: 6th

Jake Elliott picked a fine time - at the final gun - to drill a game-winning 61-yard field goal, the longest ever converted by a rookie.

JimmySays: 6th?!? USA Today had them 16th a week ago. They're all over the map.

Washington Post: 8th

The Eagles just held on against the Giants thanks to the 61-yard FG by rookie kicker Jake Elliott as time expired. That was the good. The bad was the defense crumbling late, and failing on an inexplicable fourth-and-eight gamble by Coach Doug Pederson near midfield in the first half. It was a completely misguided decision that would have been even more glaring in a loss.

#JimmySays: Pederson's failed 4th and 8 is going to somehow trigger North Korea into starting World War III. I'm calling it right now.

Sporting News: 10th

Jake Elliott delivered victory from the jaws of defeat to inspire that the Eagles, after their close loss to the Chiefs, are for real. Carson Wentz had an off day, but other things picked up to help him come through in the end. Watch out for Doug Pederson entering the coach of the year race soon.

#JimmySays: Doug Pederson coach of the year?!? I guess the Sporting News didn't get the memo that going for it on 4th and 8 from the opponents' 43 is cause for pushing a head coach out of a helicopter, Scarface-style.

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