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November 28, 2016

The Eagles scoreboard operators trolled the Packers before tonight’s game

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112816_Scoreboard Brandon Gowton/Twitter

We've seen that down and distance before.

You would be hard-pressed to find an Eagles fan who would trade the team’s history for that of the Green Bay Packers. From the dominant Vince Lombardi era to Brett Favre’s prime and now with Aaron Rodgers firmly entrenched in Green Bay, the Pack and their fans have experienced a ton of success.

And, you know, they’ve won some Super Bowls. That’s kind of important.

But the Eagles did hand the Packers one of the worst playoff losses in semi-recent memory back in 2004, when Green Bay inexplicably allowed Freddie Mitchell to run unimpeded right down the middle of the field on 4th and 26:

(Side note: Underrated throw by Donovan McNabb there, an absolute strike through the cold January air.)

David Akers went on to tie the game, Favre threw an incredibly bad interception to Brian Dawkins in overtime, and Akers kicked another field goal to send the Eagles to the NFC Championship Game and the Packers home.

But really, it all comes down to 4th and 26. And prior to Monday night’s game against Green Bay in South Philly, what does The Linc scoreboard say? Thanks to the Philly Mag’s Brandon Gowton, we know the scoreboard operators are in full-on troll mode.

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