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July 30, 2023

Jalen Hurts watch: Eagles offense keeps it moving in third practice

Working from in between the 20s down at the NovaCare Complex, Hurts and the first-team offense went to town in the open field.

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072623 Eagles Practice Jalen Hurts Colleen Claggett/For PhillyVoice

Jalen Hurts during warmups for the first practice of training camp at the NovaCare Complex on July 26, 2023 in South Philadelphia.

The Eagles held their third practice of training camp Sunday morning, going for roughly an hour and a half, and working from in between the 20s down at the NovaCare Complex. 

A dynamic offense like this, with the number of quality receivers it has, can easily go to town in the open field – especially when the team is still only in shorts and shells – and that was often the case on Sunday with Jalen Hurts finding his targets pretty easily, then hitting on a few big ones. 

Here was the play-by-play for Hurts and the first team:

Set 1: 11-on-11

Play 1: The Hurts to DeVonta Smith connection gets things going. 

Play 2: A run play for Boston Scott.

Play 3: Hurts hits Dallas Goedert on a shallow post for a good chunk of yardage. 

Play 4: Hurts drops back and floats one to Quez Watkins over the middle of the field to around the defense's 30-yard line. The biggest play of the set. 

Play 5: Hurts drops back, then takes off running up the middle for what would've been a first down. 

Play 6: Hurts drops back and looks, but the pocket collapses in the process, he escapes the pressure and rolls to his right, then launches a missile down toward the right pylon at the front of the endzone to Olamide Zaccheaus. He couldn't haul it in to cap off the first series. 

Set line: 3/4 with a run for a first. 

Set 2: 11-on-11

Play 7: A run for Trey Sermon, who makes a cut off the edge and collects a few yards. 

Play 8: The pocket collapses on Hurts again, and he rolls back out right, hitting Smith on a curl route toward the right sideline for a decent gain. 

Play 9: Watkins gets separation on a corner route to the left sideline and Hurts places the ball perfectly for a big play. Terrell Edmunds was able to close the gap in coverage, but Watkins already had the ball secured by the time he got there.

Play 10: A Boston Scott run up the gut. Quick and simple.

Play 11: Hurts rolls right and floats a beautiful pass to Smith, but a flag negates the play (it's practice, so count this one of you want to though). 

Set line: 2/2 (3/3 disregarding the flag).

Set 3: 7-on-7

Play 12: Hurts throws one up for a D'Andre Swift streaking down the sideline and the running back comes down with it with a man on him for a huge catch. It wasn't clear if he was touched as he fell to the ground, so he took off toward the endzone to cap off the play. 7s begin on a high note. 

Play 13: A quick out to the right sideline gets some short yardage. 

Play 14: Hurts checks down to Sermon on a sit route for a few more quick yards. 

Play 15: Hurts hits Smith on what looked to be a five-yard stop for another quick few yards. 

Play 16: Hurts went to Goedert on a quick out toward the left sideline, but the pass was broken up as he ran out of bounds. Incomplete.

Set line: 4/5

Set 4: 11-on-11

Play 17: Hurts takes off and turns the corner to the outside on a run-pass option. 

Play 18: A handoff to Kenny Gainwell that doesn't go far. 

Play 19: Hurts tries to float one over to Watkins along the right sideline again, but there were two defenders closing in on him and he had to make an awkward turn on his inside shoulder to try and get a hand on the ball. Incomplete. 

Play 20: Hurts gets it to Gainwell this time on a drag route underneath. 

Play 21: False start. Do it over. 

Play 22: Hurts threads a dart to Watkins in the shallow slot for short yardage to end the set. 

Set line: 2/3

Set 5: 11-on-11

Play 23: Hurts fires a quick one out to Goedert who breaks off up the right sideline then points forward to signal the first down. 

Play 24: Hurts takes off right up the middle for a first on a designed run. 

Play 25: Hurts drops back and gets time to wait in the pocket for the play to develop. He finds A.J. Brown on a corner toward the right sideline for a first and a big chunk of yardage. K'Von Wallace, who was the safety on that side of the field, showed a bit of frustration as he got caught in no man's land taking Dallas Goedert down low, which freed up Brown over top. 

Play 26: Hurts to Goedert on a five and stop for a few quick yards. 

Play 27: Hurts sees Smith breaking toward the outside but fires it behind him, leading Smith to have to shift his weight on a dime and dive back in on his left shoulder to make the catch. An impressive move to recover and salvage the play into first-down yardage, even if the defense tried to argue that he didn't get it. 

Play 28: Nick Sirianni yells out that the scenario is 3rd and 15 from the defense's 35. The offense line up with Hurts in the gun, and he shoots right up the middle one more time for easy yards to cap off the first team's day.

Set line: 4/4 with a couple of designed runs.

Final line for the third practice: 15/18 (or 16/19 if you want to count the pass made off the flag)

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