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July 27, 2016

Eagles Links: When will Carson Wentz see the field?

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The question of when No. 2-overall pick Carson Wentz sees the field won’t just be a hot-button issue here in Philadelphia. National writers are already offering their opinions on when the North Dakota product officially becomes “the guy.”

Doug Pederson left the door open for Wentz a few days ago, and CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco thinks the rookie will play in 2016:

It sounds like the Eagles are ready to keep Wentz as their third passer for the season. So they say. I am not sure I believe it. Bradford will go into camp as the starter, but will first-year coach Doug Pederson stick with him? What happens if Bradford struggles? If he does, do they go to Chase Daniel? Like with Jared Goff, the longer they wait to play the rookie the longer they are delaying the inevitable, unless, of course, the Eagles consider themselves a playoff team. Do you? I don't think so.’s Elliot Harrison believes that Wentz will only get in for mop-up duty:

July proclamations about Wentz's readiness aside, fans likely think the Eagles' brass will want to get the second overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft -- given that Philly paid through the nose to select him -- on the field rather soon. But what if veteran quarterback Sam Bradford earns every stinking penny of the $22 million he's guaranteed? What if Philadelphia stays afloat in a division that most assuredly will be captured by a team with 10 wins (if not less)? The Eagles finish the regular season at home against the Cowboys, while the Giants will be in Washington in Week 17. It's very possible the NFC East will be decided then. Wentz will not be one of the QBs doing the deciding.

Nobody seems to know if or when Wentz will take a snap in 2016, and that probably includes Pederson. That doesn’t mean people will stop chiming in with their opinion on the matter anytime soon, both locally and nationally.

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Other Eagles news, notes and analysis from around the web:

Wendell Smallwood can run but can't hide: Paul Domowitch, Philadelphia Daily News

Good read from Domowitch on the rookie running back, who the Eagles are counting on more than most fifth-round picks:

If you’re one of the five or six people in Philly who still need convincing that this is a football town, consider rookie running back Wendell Smallwood's trip to South Street last Saturday. Smallwood, a fifth-round pick in the draft, was on his way to Lorenzo's to pick up a pizza when, lo and behold, he was recognized by a group of Eagles fans.

Now, keep in mind that we're not talking about Carson Wentz or Jason Kelce or Jordan Matthews. We're talking about a 5-10, 208-pound guy who was the 153rd pick in the draft and has yet to play in a game.

Now Clear On Headset Rules, Pederson ‘Leaning’ Towards New Game Plan: Tim McManus, Birds 24/7

Pederson initially misunderstood the headset rules, and he’s still working on how exactly the Eagles will relay plays to the quarterback:

“I’m still in the process once we get into these preseason games of deciding how I want to go about the natural mechanics of calling the game,” said Pederson. “Preseason we’re going to try it. It’s not 100 percent. I would probably lean towards me calling directly to the quarterback. It just cuts down a middle man, it cuts down time, it cuts down any communication errors at that point.”

Pederson added that, on the flip side, quickly handing the play off to his coordinator could allow him to focus on other things that come up between snaps, so he’ll tinker with the process to see what works best.

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