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May 26, 2015

The Eagles' wide receivers and 'height-weight-speed'

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One position where the Eagles have made height-weight concessions has been at wide receiver.

During the pre-draft process, Eagles quasi-GM Ed Marynowitz very succinctly laid out what the Eagles value in draft prospects, from a macro, big picture level, which fell into three buckets:

  1. Height/weight/speed: "Number one, it's the height-weight-speed, according to the position. That's the one factor of it. They either have that or they don't. It doesn't necessarily eliminate them per se, but that's one element of it. So you'll grade that individually."
  2. Position specifics: "The second part is the position specifics, or the critical factors for that position, which is basically the guy's athletic ability to play that specific spot, which is also relative to your system and scheme. Every team is different, so we have certain prototypes for that."
  3. #Culture: "The third part is the character, attitude, and intelligence piece, in terms of the right football makeup, and how we want to build the team."

The one area where the Eagles are perhaps willing to make concessions on height is at the wide receiver position. In the time that Chip Kelly has been with the Eagles, the Birds have drafted or acquired the following receivers who have caught at least one pass. To note, we'll include 20th overall pick Nelson Agholor, as well as running back Darren Sproles, since 41 percent of his offensive touches were in the passing game last year.

• Nelson Agholor: 6'0, 198

• Jordan Matthews: 6'3, 212

• Josh Huff: 5'11, 206

• Jeff Maehl: 6'1, 190

• Brad Smith: 6'2, 213

• Darren Sproles: 5'6, 187

Only Matthews truly checked off the height-weight-speed boxes of a prototypical NFL receiver, although it is perhaps also noteworthy that the Eagles overpaid 6'4, 222 pound Riley Cooper on a contract extension.

At Oregon, Kelly's receivers were also not physically imposing as a group. Here is a list of all the receivers who had over 400 receiving yards in a single season when Kelly was the head coach. To note, De'Anthony Thomas' actual position is a bit of a gray area (TAZR), but we'll include him too.

• Jeff Maehl: 6'1, 190

• De'Anthony Thomas: 5'9, 174

• Lavasier Tuinei: 6'4, 220

• Josh Huff: 5'11, 206

• Drew Davis: 6'1, 205

Similarly, the Eagles have brought in tight ends on the smaller end of the scale.

• Zach Ertz: 6'5, 249* 

• Trey Burton: 6'2, 224

• James Casey: 6'3, 246

*To note, 6'5 seems big, but Ertz is only in the 55th percentile in terms of height of tight ends competing at the Combine since 1999, and he was only in the 26th percentile in terms of weight.

At Oregon, Kelly's tight ends were not big. Here is a list of all the tight ends who had over 350 receiving yards in a single season when Kelly was the head coach.

• Colt Lyerla: 6'4, 242

• David Paulsen: 6'3, 246

• Ed Dickson: 6'4, 249

So what is the point of all of this, Jimmy? I don't know. Give me a break, it's May.

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