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September 06, 2016

Ed and Midge Rendell reportedly getting divorced

Former governor and federal judge separated in 2011

About five years after "amicably" separating, Ed and Midge Rendell are getting a divorce, according to a report.

Philly Mag reports that Midge Rendell, a semi-retired federal judge, filed the papers against Ed Rendell, former Philly mayor and Pennsylvania governor, on Friday.

In 2011, shortly after leaving the governor's office, the two announced they would be "living separately" from now on, telling close friends that they'd agreed to split and would remain friends.

Ed Rendell told Philly Mag that the divorce would be amicable as well.

The former governor and Hillary Clinton supporter made headlines for his commentary on the 2016 presidential election.

In particular, he's raised eyebrows for his remarks about female voters and candidates.

More about the divorce can be read here.