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May 22, 2015

Five for Friday: Nicole & Nicole of The FLWRY

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The FLWRY Handout Art /PhillyVoice


In June, longtime friends Nicole Paloux and Nicole Rossi (also known as Nicole & Nicole) are launching bouquet subscription service, The FLWRY - "your prescription for fresh cut flowers." FLWRY members get 24-30 locally grown stems at each pickup, with a variety of monthly memberships available at different price points. Catch their colorful blooms on Instagram and learn more about the Nicoles in the interview below. 

How do you want FLWRY subscribers to feel when they get a bouquet from you?

Nicole Paloux: Spoiled!

Nicole Rossi: When our members pick up their FLWRY blooms, we want them to feel like they've just received a beautifully packaged surprise that they can't wait to open.

What is the best thing about owning your own business?

NP: No one can tell you what to do! No, seriously - it's so incredibly rewarding to own your own business. Your successes and failures are both your own, so there is this constant inner pull which keeps you grounded...and it keeps things interesting. Building your own brand is also good for the creative soul and absolutely crushes morning coffee in the game of getting you up and out of bed.

NR: Seeing a passionate idea come to life through hard work, dedication and a wonderful partnership. The cherry on top is seeing your customers enjoying their experience because of something you did.

Nicole Paloux
Nicole Paloux of The FLWRY. Photo by Alison Conklin.

Where do you two like to meet for coffee or lunch?

BOTH: Not coincidentally, but when we're talking flowers, we often frequent the businesses we chose either as our pickup locations or to feature some delicious FLWRY cocktails throughout the month of May. Lacquer Lounge for mani/pedi biz meetings; Elixr, Shot Tower or P.S. & Co. for caffeination; and The Good King Tavern for cocktails and dinner when there aren't enough hours during the day.

Lovely stems from The FLWRY. Photo by Alison Conklin.

In your opinion, what is the most beautiful flower? Why?

NP: The peony. It blooms in full effect - it's the show-off flower, but so elegant and pristine. It's like the stunning girl you want to hate, but she's just so effing nice and good at everything. I always want to have another favorite flower - but then spring comes around, and I get a bundle of peonies home, and they open up, and I'm like, "Damn you, peony! You have my heart."

NR: This is almost an impossible question for me because I think all flowers are beautiful. However, I am always struck by the beauty of dahlias. Many offer a perfect combination of symmetry, delicate details and bold colors.

Nicole Rossi
Nicole Rossi of The FLWRY. 

What are you guys up to this weekend?

NP: My husband and I are headed to Asbury Park with some friends, as is our Memorial Day weekend tradition. And then we're off to Montana to go glamping for a few days to celebrate our six-year anniversary. When you've been married for six years, what else would you do besides stay in a fancy tent and herd cattle?

NR: This weekend I'll be relaxing in the city, BBQing with friends and hanging out in my garden. Fingers crossed for lovely weather!