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October 04, 2015

WATCH: James Franklin sounds off at press conference after PSU win

Head coach irked by question about point spreads

James Franklin is going to stay positive, even if it kills him the media. 

During his press conference following Penn State's home victory over Army Saturday, the Nittany Lion's head coach sounded off after being asked a question about the game's point spread.

He railed against reporters supposedly attempting to bait him into being negative, and stated that he loved the Penn State community, players and colors.

Then, Franklin explained his disdain for gambling.

"Point spreads and all those things? I don't even understand them," he said. 

"I lost $20 in Atlantic City when I was like, I don't know, 24-years-old after college, and I almost threw up. That was the last time I gambled."

Watch his comments here, via the Centre Daily Times: 

It should be noted that PSU was favored by between 25-26 points, depending on the sportsbook you look at, and they only beat the Black Knights by 6.

Not that Franklin cares, obviously.