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April 03, 2015

Best Invention Ever: Gameboy + iPhone = Smartboy

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Smartboy Hyperkin/Tumbler

A tech company just announced a product that would turn an iPhone into a Gameboy.

There are a few things in life we simply can’t live without, like food, water and our iPhones.

Before iPhone came into our lives it was an electronic palm-sized boy with the first name of Game that stole all your attention and time. That Gameboy was such a dream boy.

Childhood technology obsession, meet grown-up technology obsession, coming together in one ultimate flashback Friday collaboration, called Smartboy.

According to a breaking news alert by Buzzfeed, a California tech company, Hyperkin, has announced they are in the process of developing a product that would turn an iPhone 6 into a Gameboy that takes regular Game Boy cartridges. 

Read the full Buzzfeed article here.