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December 12, 2017

Gifts for yogis that will make them say ‘nama-yay’

No need to bend over backwards — this gift guide is here to help this season

As more and more people incorporate yoga into their lifestyle, chances are you have quite a few yogis on your holiday shopping list. If you’re not into yoga yourself, figuring out what to buy them might be tricky at first, but before you buy a generic gift card, take a second to read through our holiday gift guide. From yoga leggings that pop to a Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Massage, these fun, imaginative yoga-focused gifts will delight any yogi on Christmas morning. PhillyVoice

Aura Cacia Essential Oil Roll-ons

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1. Aura Cacia Essential Oil Roll-ons

Price: $7.99 each

For the yogi who is always on the go, the Essential Oil Roll-ons by Aura Cacia are a must-have item. Is your yogi stressed during the work day? The soothing lavender aroma will immediately restore calm. Does your yogi want to take their meditation to the next level? The earthy frankincense aroma is perfect for groundedness. Or maybe your yogi just wants to smell pretty? They all smell divine but the rose roll-on is probably the most versatile.

Pixabay/for PhillyVoice

Flexi Lexi yoga leggings

2. Flexi Lexi Yoga Leggings

Price: $85.00

When you spend so much time in yoga class, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look fabulous doing it. Flexi Lexi has a line of yoga leggings that ties in adorable bows towards the ankle and comes in fun colors like lilac, pink, mint and even ombre. Don’t let the prettiness fool you, however. The material is super high quality with four-way stretch and also dries quickly. PhillyVoice

The Lifesaver Liberty Water Bottle

3. Lifesaver Liberty Water Bottle

Price: $89.99

What’s the point of going to yoga to detox when you keep filling up your water bottle with water from the tap? Gross. Luckily, the Lifesaver Liberty Water Bottle does the filtering for you. Each cartridge filters up to 2,000 liters. Aside from having cleaner water to drink, your yogi can also lessen their carbon footprint — a big bonus.

Burst/for PhillyVoice

A package at a new yoga studio or even your yogi's returning go-to is a thoughtful gift idea.

4. Monthly Class Pass

Price: Varies

You can’t go wrong when gifting experiences and the yogi in your life might be interested in trying other yoga studios in Philadelphia. From traditional hot yoga classes and PyroPilates being offered at Hot Yoga Philadelphia (1520 Sansom St.) to acroyoga (combination of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage) at Maha Yoga (1700 Sansom St.), there are some really unique offerings out there. Of course, you could always go to their usual studio and buy a class pass if you’re playing it safe.

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Getting a regular massage is another way your yogi can find their center in the coming year.

5. Massage Package

Price: Varies

While practicing yoga itself is great for the body, getting into a regular massage routine is another way your yogi can find their center in 2018. Enviama Life Spa (109 S. 13th St.) has been around for two decades and uses only the most natural of products in their menu of massage services. Their 55-minute Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Massage is sure to melt away any tension lingering from 2017 and treat those overworked feet with a 45-minute reflexology session ($95).

Willow Creek /for PhillyVoice

Sloth Yoga Calendar

6. Sloth Yoga Calendar

Price: $13.49

For the yogis who don’t take themselves too seriously, this Sloth Yoga Calendar is absolutely adorable, featuring a sloth doing a different yoga pose for every month of the year. The only downside is that they left out standing bow pose but there’s tree, cobra, locust pose and other asana favorites. /for PhillyVoice

Yoga mat bag with storage pockets

7. Yoga Mat Bag with Storage Pockets

Price: $15.98

There’s nothing worse than running off to yoga class and needing to carry a purse in addition to your yoga mat. Why not lessen your yogi’s load with a yoga mat bag that has storage pockets? They come in a range of designs (we love the black owl!) and can easily store credit cards and keys.