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April 21, 2015

Green(er) Thumb: Reuse everyday objects for gardening

Gardening Recycling
Gardening Dean Fosdick/AP

An old bicycle used as a garden decoration is seen in a yard Tuesday, June 10, 2008, in New Market, Va. Recycled containers, appliances and conveyances -- things like barrels and boots and bicycles -- make whimsical additions to flower beds.

Wednesday is Earth Day, an annual 24-hour period focused on bringing awareness and action toward preserving our planet.

To maximize your efforts, consider turning old, everyday items into DIY (do-it-yourself) gardening containers and décor, from old boots to recycled K-Cups and eggshells. 

Here are five ideas to try. If you have your own upcycled gardening tricks, please share them in the comments!

1. Reuse K-Cups:

You may have heard how K-Cups, the small plastic coffee containers used in single-cup Keurig machines, are ruining the planet

Well, here's a brilliant way to turn a negative into a positive by reusing K-Cups as small gardening containers. 

The used cups already have holes punctured into the bottom for drainage, so all you need to do is add seeds and soil. You can even reuse the coffee grinds as fertilizer.

2. Old Boots:

An old boot can easily be turned into a planter by simply drilling a hole in the sole for drainage and filling it with soil and seeds. Click here for step-by-step directions.

3. Tin Cans:

Click here for directions.

4. Eggshells:

Eggshells are a great way to add calcium to your compost because shells have a very high surface-area-to-volume ratio and they decompose very quickly.

5. Kitchen Colander:

A colander makes a perfect planter since it already has holes for water drainage and handles for easy hanging.