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February 04, 2021

Gritty posed nude for a 'French jawn' painting during Flyers game

Virginia-based artist Benjamin Davis said the opportunity to immortalize the mascot was 'surreal'

Art Gritty
Gritty Flyers Portrait @GrittyNHL/Twitter

Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty was painted in the nude at the Wells Fargo Center on Feb. 3, 2021, during a game against the Boston Bruins.

There are few things Flyers mascot Gritty could do at this point that would be truly shocking. He's sculpted an identity that enables him to pull off just about anything, right up to ripping a page from the George Costanza School of Art.

While the Flyers took on the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night — they lost, 4-3, in overtime — Gritty stripped nude and posed for a portrait for 28-year-old artist Benjamin Davis.

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Throughout the game, Gritty and the NBC Sports broadcast shared progress updates until the masterpiece was complete.

Davis also shared his work on Instagram, calling the experience "surreal." 

What's Gritty's end game with this masterpiece? He says he wants it placed above the Mona Lisa, but are we sure he isn't trying to woo his British female counterpart, Grittney?

Contacted Thursday, Davis said he was commissioned by the Flyers and came up from his home in Virginia to do the painting. A friend of a friend made the connection between Davis and the team.  

Davis said it was hard to tell how long it took him to complete the painting because he "kind of spaced out a little bit," but he estimated it was about 90 minutes. 

Spaced out, huh? 

"His gaze, his body — his essence, really," Davis admitted. "His belly button." 

Davis' artwork covers landscapes, stylized portraits, fantasy illustrations and album art, which can be seen on his website. He's hoping that more exposure will enable him to commit full-time to his art. 

"The illustration stuff is something that I'm constantly working on outside of my full-time job, and I'm obviously trying to move in that direction," Davis said. "Hopefully, this is one step closer to being able to do my personal art full-time."

Davis said the Gritty painting is now out of his hands, and he's not sure where it will end up. 

A spokesperson for the Flyers said the team is still determining what will happen with the portrait, which received plenty of attention on Twitter. 

If we hear anything about what's happening with the painting, we'll update the plans here.