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July 07, 2015

Roy Halladay gets pulled over twice in one day by the same cop

Former Phillies Cy Young winner documents his traffic struggles on Twitter

Phillies Twitter
070715_Halladay-Twitter Roy Halladay/Twitter

Roy Halladay: Twitter boss.

Roy Halladay has been having fun with social media since retiring from baseball. From reaching out to blogs that use his namesake to posing with unsuspecting fans, the former Phillies pitcher has been documenting his post-sports life with quirky updates on Twitter. 

On Tuesday, Halladay turned a routine traffic stop into some fun on the social media platform. 

First, around 11 a.m., he tweeted a picture of a ticket he obtained after going about 10 mph over the speed limit.

With his 'perfect driving record' gone, Halladay continued driving, only to be stopped by the same cop a short time later. 

Too bad the officer wasn't a certain Phillies blogger who would have definitely let him off the hook.