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February 13, 2017

People in Limerick nuclear power plant threat zone urged to re-up on anti-radiation pills

Montgomery County Health Department distributes the precautionary pills to people living or working near the plant

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Limerick Nuclear Power Plant Arturo Ramos/Wikimedia Commons

Aerial photo of nuclear power plant in Limerick, Pennsylvania

The Montgomery County Health Department is urging people who live, work or attend school near the Limerick Generating Station to pick up an up-to-date dosage of anti-radiation pills in case of a nuclear disaster.

The county department distributes the potassium iodide, or KI, tablets to all people who live, work or attend school within a 10-mile radius of the power plant as a first line of defense pending an area evacuation.

According to the Montgomery County department, the pills that were handed out in the county's most recent distribution are set to expire starting this month and in June. Officials are encouraging people in the threat zone to visit the Pottstown Health Center to get a new dose and to dispose of the outdated medication.

When taken as directed, potassium iodide can help protect against harmful radioactive iodine during emergencies, the county noted.

More information, including where and when to pick up the KI tablets and directions on their use, can be found here.

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