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Women's Health

Recurrent miscarriages could be treated by a type 2 diabetes medication, study says

Recurrent miscarriages treatment

Senior Health

Are generic drugs safe? Not necessarily

Generic Drug Safety

Mental Health

Potential game-changing migraine medication passes large-scale clinical trial

Migraine drug research

Health News

FDA keeps brand-name drugs on a fast path to market – despite manufacturing concerns

FDA approval of brand-name drugs

Adult Health

Batch of Xanax medication recalled due to 'foreign substance'

Xanax pharma

Mental Health

Study links blood pressure medication to suicide risk, but some health experts are skeptical

blood pressure medication suicide

Adult Health

What are the alternatives to Zantac?

Zantac alternative medications

Children's Health

Pediatricians stand by meds for ADHD – but some want therapy first

ADHD Medications Therapy AAP


Here's the best way to handle fall allergies

Fall Allergies Philadelphia

Senior Health

New pill could treat both blood pressure, cholesterol issues

blood pressure cholesterol pill

Adult Health

What’s the difference between acetaminophen and ibuprofen?

Ibuprofren Motrin

Adult Health

Heartburn medications can cause more harm than good, large study finds

Carroll - Pills Medication Prescription Drugs Stock

Health News

Several sleeping pills must carry new warning about rare – but deadly – side effects

sleep unsplash


FDA approves new medication for severe depression


Health News

New epilepsy treatment is the first FDA-approved cannabis-based drug

Carroll - NJ Marijuana Dispensary

Public Health

Best to skip the Afrin and other nasal sprays when you get a cold



Penn study: High costs causing cancer patients to ditch oral treatment

Stock_Carroll - Penn Medicine

Senior Health

An overlooked epidemic: Older Americans taking too many unneeded drugs


Do best-selling drugs that calm stomachs damage kidneys? The answer’s unclear


People in Limerick nuclear power plant threat zone urged to re-up on anti-radiation pills

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant


Report: U.S. throws out almost $3 billion worth of cancer drugs each year


Facing critical drug shortages, doctors must decide which kids get chemo

Sick child in hospital

Women's Health

'Weed lube' company creates vaginal cannabis product to ease period cramps

Foria Relief

Health News

Drug free


New guidelines for use of meningitis medication


Health News

New bill would make insurers pay for safer, abuse-deterrent painkillers

Health News

New labels address medications' impact on moms-to-be

Health News

Horse dung has scientists on scent of antibiotic success

Horse Manure

Health News

Novartis wins approval for first U.S. biosimilar drug

Biosimilar Medication

Health News

Penn Vet student aims to revolutionize animal testing industry

Animal Testing

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