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Prescription Drugs


Prescription drug Take Back Day is Saturday. Find out where to dispose of unused medications in Philly and region

DEA Take Back Day


Why COVID-19 patients who could most benefit from Paxlovid still aren't getting it

Paxlovid Cost COVID-19


Insomnia drugs could lead to driving and cooking while sleeping, FDA warns


Women's Health

Walgreens stores in Pennsylvania to begin selling abortion pill mifepristone

Walgreens Pennsylvania Mifepristone


A new test lets doctors screen patients for risk of opioid addiction, but some fear it will provide a false sense of security

Opioid Genetic Test


CRISPR and other new technologies open doors for drug development, but which diseases get prioritized?

Drug Development

Health News

The DEA, after relaxing rules on telehealth prescriptions, now wants to tighten them


Despite pharma claims, illicit drug shipments to U.S. aren't full of opioids. It's generic Viagra

CBP narcotics detection


Ketamine has become an at-home treatment for depression, but some scientists say that set-up is too risky

Ketamine treatment


Millions of Americans rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep, but doctors say they're a short-term solution

Sleeping pills


U.S. Justice Department sues Conshohocken-based pharmaceutical distributor for role in opioid crisis


Pennsylvania will receive more than $450 million in opioid settlement with CVS, Walgreens

cvs opioid settlement

Children's Health

Child poisoning cases caused by prescription cough medicine on the rise, FDA warns

Benzonatate child poisoning


$10 billion opioid settlement from CVS and Walgreen's could mean drug treatment money for Pennsylvania

Women's Health

Self-managed abortions gain attention, but helpers risk legal trouble


Do you have unused medications? Here's what you need to know

Purchased - Rx in medicine cabinet


Teen overdose deaths are increasing but drug use is at an all-time low

Counterfeit prescription pills


Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-winning wonder drug – but not for COVID-19

Adult Health

What the stalemate on Capitol Hill means for your drug prices

U.S. Capitol Drug Price Reform


Center City doctor agrees to pay $2 million for illegally prescribing opioids

Stephen Padnes opioids


Doctors weigh pros and cons of prescribing hot-button Alzheimer's drug

Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm


Philly's opioid crisis has been worse than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Opioid deaths 2020

Adult Health

Barriers to specialty care may be causing disparities in use of diabetes drug, Penn study finds

Diabetes drugs


Safely storing medicine a critical way to prevent accidental child deaths

Safe Medicine Storage


Not pandemic-proof: Insulin copay caps fall short, fueling underground exchanges

Insulin Underground Exchanges


It's time to lower opioid prescription doses in heart surgery patients, Penn researchers say

Opioid use after heart surgery

Children's Health

FDA approves dispersible HIV drug for newborn infants, children

New HIV drug for children

Health Stories

Rare disease researcher offers unique perspective on search for COVID-19 treatment

COVID-19 drug inventory

Adult Health

Zantac, ranitidine generics removed from market due to cancer-causing impurity

FDA pulls Zantac ranitidine market


New Jersey doctor, the self-declared 'El Chapo of Opioids,' admits to writing illegal narcotics prescriptions

Pill Mill Doctor Delagente


Philly takes 'major step forward' in opioid crisis by expanding buprenorphine access

Philly Opioid Crisis Buprenorphine


To combat opioid crisis, Gov. Wolf expands college debt repayment program for addiction specialists

Addiction Specialist Pennsylvania College Loan Repayment program

Senior Health

Are generic drugs safe? Not necessarily

Generic Drug Safety

Health News

White House unveils finalized health care price transparency rule

Alex Azar White House hospital transparency rule


Deep brain stimulation may offer a new tool to fight opioid addiction

WVU researchers use deep brain stimulation to treat patients with opioid use disorder

Adult Health

What are the alternatives to Zantac?

Zantac alternative medications


FDA, DEA target websites illegally selling opioids

FDA,DEA target illegal opioid sellers online

Children's Health

Off-label prescriptions for children on the rise, study finds

Carroll - Pills Medication Prescription Drugs Stock

Adult Health

FDA investigating cancer-causing impurities in Zantac

Cancer-causing NDMA found in ranitidine


Pennsylvania sues Purdue Pharma's Sackler family


Health Stories

Shopping abroad for cheaper medication? Here’s what you need to know

Prescription Drugs 08252019


More Narcan needed in fight against opioid epidemic, CDC says

Carroll - Naloxone, Narcan

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