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January 10, 2017

Hostess recalls Twinkies because of salmonella concerns

Action only impacts holiday-edition white peppermint version of the cakes

Food & Drug Administration Recalls
twinkie recall Contributed photo/FDA

This image shows a box of the recalled Hostess limited-edition Twinkies.

Double-check before you indulge in those Twinkies left over from the holidays.

Hostess, baker of the iconic junk food, has announced the voluntary recall of its "Holiday White Peppermint Twinkies" because of the possibility of salmonella exposure from the confectionary coating on the limited-edition variety of the snack cakes.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released of the recall details on its website Monday.

The Salmonella threat did not originate with Hostess, but rather Blommer Chocolate Co., which produced the special candy coating on the seasonal Twinkies. According to the FDA, Blommer Chocolate used powdered milk that has been recalled by another company, Valley Milk Products.

The Twinkie recall only affects the white peppermint treats sold in multipack boxes nine individual cakes. The holiday Twinkies had been sold at stores throughout the United States.

The recall does not affect any other Hostess brands, and the FDA reports no illness related to eating the Twinkies, to date.

From more information on the recall and the symptoms from Salmonella poisoning, visit the FDA's website.