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November 29, 2016

How to get a letter from Santa, with the help of the USPS

United States Postal Service will deliver letters postmarked from the North Pole

With the help of some elves stationed at the United States Postal Service's Anchorage, Alaska, location, letters sent to Santa Claus won’t go without a response.

During the holiday season, the USPS offers a way for parents to keep the magic of the season alive by delivering personal responses from Santa postmarked from the North Pole.

How does it work? Parents first write the personal response to their child's letter to Santa. Then, take the Santa-signed response and the child's letter to Santa and put them in an envelope addressed to your child with the return address as Santa, North Pole, along with a first-class postage stamp affixed to the front.

Take that envelope and place it in a larger envelope with the appropriate postage affixed to the front and the address shown below:

North Pole Postmark


4141 Postmark Dr.

Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

The letters must arrive at the Anchorage, Alaska, post office by Dec. 15 in order for Santa’s helpers to mail back his response with a special North Pole postmark before Christmas.

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