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June 08, 2018

How to make Federal Donuts' Chocolate Eclair Doughnuts

Federal Donuts landed a spot in VICE's 'Munchies' episode

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Federal Donuts fresh donuts Federal Donuts/for PhillyVoice

Federal Donuts' hot fresh donuts.

Federal Donuts has set a precedent in Philly for the above-average doughnut. A success from day one, their brand and doughnuts have grown in appeal not only locally but nationally. While they’re known for their chicken just as well as their doughnuts, they’re also apparently food stars in the making.

VICE's food channel, "Munchies," recently hosted Philly's Matt Fein of Federal Donuts in a 7-minute “How-To” episode on the making of the chocolate eclair doughnuts. Inspired by Fein’s childhood appreciation for Good Humor’s ice cream bar, the chocolate eclair doughnut was born. The doughnut is chocolate cake based with vanilla icing and a cookie crumb topping. Fein happily takes the viewer on a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect doughnut with some helpful descriptors along the way, such as noticing the texture of the dough and when to stop mixing.

Co-owner Mike Solomonov humorously pops in and out of the video from time to time, giving a brief Federal Donuts history and a taste test of the chocolate cake batter. He makes a final appearance with Fein towards the end, cementing a business bromance with glazing and a shared doughnut bite. Entertaining and light, this “how-to” is an easy video for those who need a visual guide to working with and frying doughnuts.

You can find the recipe on Munchies website here.