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March 27, 2018

Federal Donuts made a Peeps-inspired doughnut that looks way better than actual Peeps

Snag them by the half dozen this Easter weekend

Easter Food
peeps PEEPS/Facebook


Federal Donuts is offering a new creation this weekend in honor of the Easter holiday with a collection of colorful Peeps doughnuts.

While the Philadelphia-based franchise is still selling its Irish Potato doughnuts through the end of March, the Peeps doughnuts will be available just Friday, March 30, through Sunday, April 1.

Outfitted in bright Peeps-esque shades of pink, blue, and yellow, the treats only will be sold by the half a dozen ($13), and orders must be placed ahead of time here. The desserts are made with a marshmallow glaze topped with different color sanding sugars – which seems a whole lot more appetizing than whatever mysterious stuff actual Peeps are made of. We’re betting the doughnuts won’t solidify as soon as they’re exposed to natural air, either.

Though certainly festive, Federal Donuts’ latest mashup also evokes the long-held debate: Are Peeps actually good? Is anybody looking forward to a package of bird blobs on Easter morning? After the distressing debut of the Peeps Oreo last year, we are at least overdue for a more winning combination. Thank you, Federal Donuts.