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May 13, 2019

This simple move helps to banish bloat in just seconds

Drop, and pull your knees to your chest

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Twists help reduce bloating.

Most people — men and women — have likely experienced bloating at least once in their life, be it from a huge meal, menstrual cycle or a chronic illness. No matter the cause, bloating can be downright uncomfortable.

You feel kind of stuck in this discomfort, featuring the ever-attractive swollen or misshapen belly that often comes with some sort of sharp pain, according to Medical News Today, which notes it is easy to forget that it's probably caused by something as simple as indigestion or gas.

While you may feel helpless amid your bloat, there are some things you can do to ease yourself into a more comfortable stomach situation.

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There’s a super easy 30-second trick that will greatly help reduce bloating, MindBodyGreen reports:

For certified personal trainer, sub-elite marathon runner, and Flywheel instructor Emily Fayette, doing this move – which she's dubbed the "double knee torso-twist" – helps relieve a bit of the tension and discomfort caused by bloating.

See it demonstrated here

Interestingly, in yoga, the act of pulling both knees — or one at a time — to the chest is known as “the wind-relieving pose” because of its ability to expel buildup of gas, according to Reader’s Digest

Pretty easy, right? You can pretty much drop and do that twist anywhere, from outside the restaurant where you just ate too much to the comfort of your bed — wherever and whenever bloating strikes. The best part? It doesn't require taking a pill, gross chewable or even making a trip to the drugstore. 

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