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February 13, 2023

Jalen Hurts gave Giovanni Hamilton a poignant quote at his post-game press conference

The 15-year-old podcaster, born with a rare genetic condition, asked the Eagles quarterback about the team's painful loss

The Eagles' incredible season came to a heartbreaking end in Arizona on Sunday night as the Chiefs out-dueled them 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII.

In the loss, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts put on a spectacular and record-setting performance, totaling a combined 374 yards with three touchdowns on the ground and one through the air. During a game filled with "what-if" moments for the Eagles, Hurts also bounced back admirably from a costly first half fumble that resulted in a Chiefs touchdown.

Hurts, 24, was praised all season long for his maturity and relentless commitment to improvement. After going down in defeat on Sunday night, Hurts neatly summed up his philosophy during an emotional post-game press conference.

But perhaps the most powerful quote Hurts gave after the game came in response to a question from Eagles super-fan and podcaster Giovanni Hamilton, who has been covering the team independently for several years.

Hamilton, 15, was born with Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a type of dwarfism that has left him with skeletal abnormalities and severe muscle stiffness. He's undergone more than a dozen surgeries during his life in order to improve his mobility and reduce the musculoskeletal pain associated with his rare genetic disease.

In the weeks before the Super Bowl, Hamilton raised more than $18,000 to fly out to Glendale and attend the game with his mom. Hamilton also got the opportunity to ask Hurts a question at one one the most difficult moments in the quarterback's life. Hamilton previously had interviewed Hurts after his rookie season

"What is one lesson from this game that you'll take on to the next?" Hamilton asked after the Super Bowl. 

Hurts paused, reflected and then gave the following answer.

"You want to cherish these moments. You want to cherish these moments with the people that you've come so far with. You know, your family, your loved ones, your teammates, your peers — everyone you do it with and do it for," Hurts said.

Hurts acknowledged that the team fell short of its ultimate goal.

"I think the beautiful part about it is everyone experiences different pains. Everyone experiences different agonies of life, but you decide if you want to learn from it. You decide if you want to use that as a teachable moment, and I know what I'll do."

The interaction got Hamilton mentioned on Twitter by ESPN, filling the teen with surprise and pride.

Hurts' response to Hamilton touched on an aspect of day-to-day effort, sacrifice and care for others that often goes unseen. That not only goes for the people who made Hamilton's Super Bowl trip possible by donating to his cause, but Hamilton's own physical sacrifices in order to manage a night like that. His mother shared a video of him returning to his hotel room after the game, reminding those who have cyber-bullied Hamilton what her son goes through to live his life to the fullest. 

It can be hard to find inspiration after watching an Eagles season end the way it did on Sunday night, but fans should take comfort in the character of the quarterback who will be leading the organization for years to come. Hurts embracing that moment with Hamilton and offering up his valuable, heartfelt insight spoke volumes about the person he is on and off the field.