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December 09, 2015

Jerry Colangelo says both Adam Silver and Josh Harris ‘pleaded’ for his help

Since the move was announced on Monday, new Sixers special advisor to the managing general partner and chairman of basketball operations Jerry Colangelo has participated in a whole bunch of media interviews. A plethora, you might even say.

Colangelo, who is already reportedly back at his home base in Phoenix, was on Arizona-based radio show “Bickley and Marotta” (which sounds made up) earlier on Wednesday, on which he laid out the timeline of his hiring.

After mentioning that he was content with his life and many other commitments before being approached about this opportunity, Colangelo admitted NBA commissioner Adam Silver was very involved in bringing him to the Sixers.

“When I get the call from the commissioner and get a call from an owner asking, pleading for some help, you know it kind of got my attention,” Colangelo said.

“The more we spoke over about a 36-hour period, because I was able to do it on my terms and conditions, predicated on my time availability, they made it very, very easy to say yes and difficult to say no.”

Colangelo has been asked that question in almost every interview and to my knowledge, never went as far as to say “pleaded.” That type of inconsistency isn’t ideal, but it is apparent that Silver did push hard for this move.

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